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Attention Event Planners Nationwide

Reveal How Event Planners Nationwide Are Using V.E.P Virtual Reality To Acquire More Clients and Generate More Revenue Just By Showing Their Clients The Finished Venue WITHOUT doing any technical work, editing, and placement.


It’s 100% Done For You after you sell it!

Imagine if you could show your clients their event, not just before but COMPLETELY decorated months before the event!


We all know selecting a particular venue and decorations takes time. And then changes? Well, they hurt us all… 


Think of it like this now, you’re in the venue, no decorations have been done but you can still see how every single corner of that venue will look with all the decor.


That is now possible with Virtual Reality. And we can help your clients visualize their perfect wedding or event, even with all the decor months beforehand!


  • 41% of Brides Want To See What Their Wedding Looks Like Before It EVEN Happens!

  • Offering This Virtual Reality Experience Is Helping Event Planners Add 22% More Revenue Monthly

  • We Give Event Planners FREE Qualified Leads Generated Through Our Platform!

  • We’re Featured In Major Wedding Magazines Such As WeddingWire and The Knot

  • We Pay You - We Will Send You Your Own Personal Set of Goggles and Every New Client That Uses Them Will Kick Back a 10% Commission Hands-Free!

  • We Map Out The Client Needs For You - Floral, Fabrics, Decorations, and Much More!


  1. Book Your Call With Us Below and We’ll Breakdown How Affordable This Service Is For Your Clients To Afford

  2. Once Accepted, We Will Collect The Details of The Venue, Decor, Floral, Colors, Lighting, Fabrics, Furniture, and Showcase Other Vendors Products As Well… and Put It All Together FASTER Than You Thought

  3.  We Send You the Complete Visualization File With The Freedom To Make Any Edits and Changes and Work Directly With Our Engineers To Match The Clients Needs!

  4. The Final Version Is Now In Your Hands!


“V.E.P helped my wife’s wedding planner to bring her vision to life! They used virtual reality to create my wife’s dream wedding at the venue of our choice! We were able to see how our wedding would look months before our date! Love this service!”

-Robert Williams

“I am so happy I chose V.E.P to help plan my wedding! Once I put on the VR goggles I was transported to my dream wedding at my favorite venue! My heart was at ease knowing exactly how my wedding will look without having to wait till the actual day! Thank you so much, V.E.P for showing me my dream wedding!”

-Stephanie Rhodes

Virtual Event Planning (V.E.P.) will help you pre-plan and create virtual visualizations for all your client and business needs. We use virtual reality goggles and other available options to bring your special occasions to life, giving you a front-row seat to your event. 


Imagine not having to worry about what your wedding or special occasions will look like. Create your business inside a VR headset for mobile marketing. Visualize real estate properties and stage homes before they are built.


Experience concert and music videos as our company will put you right into the front row without leaving the comfort of your home. Learn new skills and trades using virtual reality without needing a classroom. Step into the new virtual world we have created to make your life simpler.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Payment Work? 

    Payments are flexible and we won’t force the client to pay separately for the service!

How Long Does This Process Take? 

    Your first visuals will come in 3-4 weeks and any edits will only take another 2 weeks on average!


Is There a Money-Back Guarantee or Refund Policy If My Client Isn’t Satisfied? 

    We only keep the deposit and everything is 100% refunded (deposits vary based on the package chosen).

How Much Does it Cost? 

    As low as $500 and your set of goggles are completely included (Oculus Facebook Goggles retail for $300 at your local electronics store)

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