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Virtual Event Planning

Your perfect partners to help you plan your proposal


You have your engagement ring and now comes the proposal. There is nothing quite as intoxicating as the days and weeks leading up to your marriage proposal. Hey your madly in love and you cant seem to stop thinking about her, how to propose, and your future together. It can be very consuming how to put it all together. 

Our team will always go above and beyond to create your perfect proposal. We will plan, arrange, and execute any of the following proposals.
Public Proposal
Home Proposal
Simple Proposal Ideas
Outdoor Proposal
Vacation Proposal
Restaurant Proposal
Fun Proposal 
Family Proposal
Photoshoot Proposals

Our team can arrange floral, lights, letters, fireworks, and more putting together any vision you have of a perfect proposal. Giving you the peace of mind that your proposal will be an everlasting moment your future bride will remember forever!

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