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Virtual Event Planning (V.E.P.) will help you pre-plan and create virtual visualizations for all your client and business needs. Using either virtual reality goggles or other available options we bring your special occasions to life giving you a front row seat to your event.

Imagine not having to worry about how your wedding or special occasions will look like. Create your business inside a VR headset for mobile marketing. Visualize real estate properties and stage homes before they are built. Experience concert and music videos as our company puts you right into the front row without leaving the comfort of your home. Learn new skills and trades using virtual reality without the need of a classroom.

Never worry about visualizing your personal and business needs.
We are here to help you!


Virtual Event Planning

Never stress how your special occasion will look! We will virtually create your wedding, birthdays or any special event so you may see exactly what it will look like months in advance! Lets virtually plan your event today!

Virtual Entertainment

Experience live concerts, music videos, and one on one meets with your favorite musical artists from around the globe! We are bringing virtual entertainment to your home!

Virtual Real Estate

Render and create new real estate or current projects using our technology. We will be able ensure your build or remodel looks perfect before you start any construction project. Save time and money by bringing your property vision to life.

Education and Training

We bring the classroom to you! Learn any
new course or train for a new skill set virtually. No more days where classrooms are full and you have to
wait till next semester. We find your favorite courses
and help you start learning today!


“VEP helped my wife's wedding planner to bring her vision to life! They used virtual reality to create my wife's dream wedding at the venue of our choice! We were able to see how our wedding would look months before our date! Love this service!”

-Robert Williams

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE!! I am a very picky bride and I think I speak for all brides when I say my special day needs to be perfect!! I had a specific vision for how I wanted my wedding to look. I found the perfect venue followed by an amazing wedding planner. However my biggest challenge was I could not visualize what my planners were putting together for me. Sure pictures and videos helped but would it meet my vision? Will it be my dream wedding? I loved the venue but it wasn't decorated it was just an empty hall which made me use my imagination to try and put it together. The shear fear of it not looking perfect was driving me crazy. Then I found this company called Virtual Event Planning! Ladies what these people do is awesome let me tell you! They scanned the venue and worked directly with my wedding planner. They took all the pictures and videos of my desired decor and created my wedding in virtual reality! They had me try on these goggles and BOOM there I was at my venue!! Everything was decorated and placed almost exactly where I wanted but seeing it put together gave me the freedom to make some changes since I was able to actually visualize it! I walked through my venue as if I was actually at my wedding! If your particular about what your wedding will look like this company will bring your dream to life! I am very happy with my experience it was amazing. I will definitely be sending family and friends your way! Thank you so much for showing me my dream wedding!"

-Inessa Termin

“I am so happy I chose VEP to help plan my wedding! Once I put on the VR goggles I was transported to my dream wedding at my favorite venue! My heart was at ease knowing exactly how my wedding will look without having to wait till the actual day! Thank you so much VEP for showing me my dream wedding!”

-Stephanie Rhodes

I was the definition of nervous bride! My husband bless his heart put up with me through this entire challenge of putting our wedding together. Especially since we had no idea how to put a wedding together! I knew where I wanted to get married it is beautiful rustic venue in Mckinney. I loved the way it looked on the outside but I simply could not see how my wedding would look inside. I mean they had pictures to show us but I can't see my wedding put together with just those images! Then my god send husband comes to me with this company! He tells me they have a wedding planner for us and they will do some sort of scan of the venue and show me what my wedding would look like in Virtual Reality. At first I thought he was messing with me but then just a month or so later the solutions comes to life! I told the planner about my dream wedding and how I wanted it to look. She comes back to me with these VR goggles and tells me to put them on. POOF! There I was at my rustic venue all decorated the way I wanted!! I could walk around as if I was actually there!! I could see all the decorations and everything put together! I COULD SEE MY DREAM WEDDING! We spent quite a bit on our wedding but adding this in was so worth it! It gave me the peace of mind that my wedding was going to look perfect and that was priceless! I loved this service and if any other nervous brides are like me they will use it too!

-Rosa Garcia

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